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Old Fashion heavy duty coffee grinders featuring a handcrafted, hand rubbed finished wooden bases. These are individually handcrafted in the USA as replicas of the ones used on the old Texas Chisholm Trail.  

Made from ¾” solid hardwoods these coffee grinders are functional for daily use as well as providing an old time historical addition to any kitchen. By using ¾” hardwood rather than 3/8” hardwood like some of the old time grinders the craftsman is able to build a much stronger wooden base. Read more below >


In the 1800s and early 1900s money was scarce and so were factory made products. Even more so In Texas and on out into the Wild West. It was not uncommon for people to mail order the metal hardware in a kit and then constructs the wooden boxes out of whatever they had on hand or what they picked up or salvaged locally. The thickness of the wood varied on many of these original grinders much unlike the factory made grinders found in most antique stores today.

These heavy duty grinders are made just like the originals from the 1800's built to be used every day. The grinder is fitted with a premium grade cast iron mill. It is a very strong hand crank, fully adjustable burr type grinder. (The metal mill assembly is imported).
The mill features an adjustable burr to obtain your ideal grind for optimum flavor. The mill does not grind fine enough espresso press but it will also grind walnuts and peppercorns! 
For a coarser grind simply loosen cap knob and unscrew knurled knob. For finer grind - loosen cap knob and tighten knurled knob.  Make sure cap knob is tightened securely after adjusting.
The wood is hand rubbed to a beautiful luster using a high-grade cabinet maker’s wax, containing beeswax, orange oil, and other natural oils. The finish is free of silicones, solvents, and other toxins.
Each grinder is handcrafted and sizes do vary slightly from 6” square to 8” tall.
The coffee drawer holds enough beans for 6-8 standard coffee scoops, more than enough for a full pot with one grinding. 
Some belief that coffee freshly ground using an old fashion burr grinder like these just smells and taste so much better than coffee ground using an electric blade mill.  
Electric mills tend to run at high speeds which overheat the coffee grounds and reduces the ultimate rich flavor.
A quality handcrafted work of art that will likely become a family heirloom just like the originals. 
Available in Oak, Cherry or Walnut. Pictured in Oak at the top. Make the selection using the drop down box at the bottom of the page. Selecting walnut will add an incremental price increase to the oak as priced.
Please allow up to two weeks for your grinder to be shipped from this small cottage based shop.



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