Headlight & Flashing Light Safety Vest | Bike | Jog | Work

Let this vest show you the way in the dark as well as make you highly visible to oncoming traffic. Protect yourself or your family members who frequent roadside activities. Hands-free lighting helps you see in the dark and be seen along busy roadways.
Front head light vest equipped with front and rear flashing lights and built in turn signals. The vest is equipped with high visibility reflective striping making a perfect safety and head light vest for the biker and scooter riders.
A superior safety vest for walking, hiking, horseback riding, nighttime construction, scooters, bikes, and lawn, garden and emergency workers. Read more below >


Reports of pedestrians and bikers being hit by a vehicle are becoming more and more common.

More than ever distracted speeding drivers pose a greater danger to those who are working, walking, jogging, or riding along roadsides. It is no longer safe to even change a flat tire along the side of a road.
The Amish families who frequently travel busy roadways in early morning and evening darkness face the dangers first hand on a daily basis.
The Superior Safety Vest was developed by an Amish harness shop out of the necessity to provide protection for Amish families as they walk and ride scooters to school, work, and shopping.
The vest is far more than just an illuminated safety vest.  With its bright chest mounted headlight this vest provides real functionality for the wearer.  The vest is perfect for hands-free illumination for a task as well as lighting the area ahead. Sportsman, emergency and construction workers can all benefit with this heavy duty vest.
Durable BioThane® construction makes it suitable for heavy duty commercial use. BioThane® was developed in 1977, by the Polyurethane Polymer division of BF Goodrich. BioThane® is a more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain product over traditional leather.  
The Superior Safety Vest features:
  • USA Amish Made
  • Easy slip on over the shoulders with Velcro waistband.
  • Bright headlight for illumination and visibility
  • Front and rear flashers for high visibility
  • Left and right turn signals
  • High visibility reflective striping
  • Adjustable to all heights
  • Up to 100 hours with the headlight on 8 AA batteries. (works great with rechargeable batteries. Batteries are not included)
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