Junior Wheel Hoe | Lady & Kid Friendly Cultivator


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The Wheel Hoe Junior is the same as the Single Wheel Hoe, except it has 10” shorter red handles to accommodate the young and lady gardeners. The Standard Wheel Hoe uses 54-1/2” handles.

As the Amish men tend to their crops and cottage base shops it is mostly the Amish women and children who tend to their self-sufficient gardens. The Junior Wheel Hoe allows them to use all the same attachments as the Standard Wheel Hoe.

Proudly made in the USA!


The ultimate garden tool! Save time and energy weeding, furrowing, plowing and cultivating.

- All metal parts are powder coated steel

- Adjustable Amish-crafted hardwood handles that accommodate the shorter heights

- Steel wheel is fitted with oil impregnated bronze bushings and dust covers; this 15″ wheel provides great stability and a low center of gravity

- 1/4″ steel tool bar and implements are the most versatile on the market

- Toolbar provides the option of customizing it for specific crops

- Three cultivator teeth included

Order optional attachments above. Attachments will add in increments to the total price.  

Plow attachments are powder coated & built to last. Used in a pair they can be positioned to be used as a hiller or as a furrower

Three sizes of hoes 6”, 8”, and 12”.

Plows- right left or both.

Sweeps -right and left.

Cultivator Teeth- Cultivator comes with 3 purchase additional teeth to add to the toolbar. One tooth can be used on the toolbar for laying off rows or as many as five for more intense cultivation. Sold in packs of three

Ships dimensional weight in two boxes.


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