Perpetual Stars & Berries Calendar


Never purchase another calendar again! Changeable numbers and events slide into grooved holders. Months store and hang on hooks.

Calendar measures 11 x 2 x 24. Hand painted background with, changeable numbers and months. The numbers and months are engraved in cherry wood.

Choice of either a red background (Pictured) or a black background.


The perpetual calendars include 12 blocks for the following events.

  •   New Years
  •   Valentine’s
  •   St Patrick’s
  •   Independence Day
  •   Labor Day
  •   Halloween
  •   Thanksgiving
  •   Christmas
  •   Anniversary
  •   Birthday
  •   Mother's Day
  •   Father’s Day
Blocks with fixed dates such as Independence Day, Christmas, etc. are engraved on the back side of those dates.
You may purchase additional symbol blocks below using the available options at .75 each.
This is a popular option as many need more than one Birthday or Anniversary. 
Adding the additional symbol blocks may delay shipping by 3-4 weeks as these are custom made per order.



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