SIDE WINDER Fishing Line Spool Holder


You won't ever want to leave on your next fishing trip without this little jewel!

A very simple, indispensable and inexpensive, compact fishing line spool winder that can be carried in a pocket or tackle box. This is one of the most versatile ways to refill or replace the fishing line on any fishing rod or reel. 

All American made with nylon wing nuts for years of service. The Side Winder is made from 100% flexible plastic and it will even float if lost over the side or off the dock. The Side Winder is perfect for saltwater fishing use.



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The Side Winder will accommodate either 700 or 100-yard fishing line spools.  The clever end cap is smooth on one side for the smaller spools, while the other side has a built-in bushing to accommodate larger spools.

The Side Winder will attach to any fishing rod providing just the right tension on the line to prevent the line from bunching up. Simply clamp it on the side of the rod and back feed through the rod back to the reel.

NAFC As Seen on TV Field Tested, and Member Approved

Purchase in quantities and keep them in several locations, or provide as gifts. E-mail us for large quantities for discount pricing.

Color Options: Red, White, or Blue.



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