Wheel Hoe Push Cultivator Disk Harrow


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The Hoss Disk Harrow attachment will go on either the single Standard Wheel Hoe or the Double Wheel Hoe.

Wheel Hoe Cultivators have the most impressive lineup of attachments for any old fashion push cultivator on the market. The harrow disk is just one example.
Like larger sizes, this compact mini harrow disk will allow you to cultivate the soil before planting and to keep the weeds between the rows in check during the growing season.  


The Concave harrow is built just like the large tractor pulled disk harrows to pick up dirt for cultivation as well as cuts the weeds at the same time.

When attached to a standard single Wheel Hoe cultivator the disk blades can be variable adjusted to pick up and throw the dirt out just like a larger garden disk.  
When attached on a Double Wheel Hoe cultivator that will straddle new plantings the disk blades can also be set inward to pull up dirt next to the plantings. 
Easy snap pin removes to adjust to variable settings. 
Features Include:
  • 10 different directional settings
  • Zinc plated harrow disks, 5 3/8″ diameter
  • Harrow bar made of powder coated steel, 13″ long
  • Individual disks 2 3/8″ apart
  • 5″ opening between disk sets
  • Bronze bushings 
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