Wood Duck Nesting Box Kit


A wonderful family, club, or conservationist project. Attracts both Wood Ducks and Hooded Mergansers.

Made of the traditional Western red cedar-topped with a modern poly roof that will withstand the elements much longer than wood. Poly lumber is made from recycled plastic jugs. Read more below >


This box measures 9” x 9-1/2” x 29” overall.  Depth from the floor is 16”.

Features netting on the inside for toe grip when the young emerge.
Place these houses 4-7 feet above any body of water: creek, river, pond, beaver dam.
They seem to prefer water under the house so when the young jump they land in water.  
Avoid placing them on trees or predators such as raccoons will make an easy meal from duck eggs.
Kits have precut and predrilled holes for easy assembly.  
The Kit form is less cost to ship than an assembled house, nearly half the UPS cost based on dimensional weight box sizes.
Yes, we could sell them cheaper if we used a lower grade of cedar and did away with the poly roof. Like most of the quality items that we sell to last for a long time, only Western Red Cedar is the old fashion choice. It’s just harder to get and much more expensive.  


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